Allegations of felony criminal sexual conduct avoided

Criminal sexual conduct lawyer Lynne Torgerson successfully avoids charges being brought

Ms. Torgerson’s client was contacted by police who wished to question her client about allegations of criminal sexual conduct.  Ms. Torgerson’s client immediately contacted her upon receiving a telephone call from the investigating detective.  Ms. Torgerson immediately invoked her client’s rights to remain silent and to counsel, and an interview was declined.  Our Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent under the United States Constitution were promulgated for our protection and these rights should be invoked virtually in every case.  This applies to the guilty and innocent alike.  Ms. Torgerson’s client has not been charged.  Ms. Torgerson has successfully avoided having her client charged with criminal sexual conduct.

This is significant.  Criminal sexual conduct charges are among the most serious, with sentences, upon conviction, often starting at 12 years in prison, with likely requirements of years of sex offender treatment. years of predatory offender registration requirements, DNA testing, etc.  This has been avoided.

Well done Ms. Torgerson!

If you have been contacted by police to come in for a statement, you should immediately contact a criminal sexual conduct lawyer such as Lynne Torgerson.  For representation, please call (612) 339-5073.

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