Kanabec County declines prosecution in criminal sexual conduct investigation after Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson intervenes

Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson obtains a “declined prosecution” in criminal sexual conduct investigation

Not infrequently, my office is contacted for “pre-charge investigation” representation.  This is most common in criminal sexual conduct investigations.  Criminal sexual conduct charges are amongst the most serious types of cases.

It is important to immediately hire a good, experienced criminal defense lawyer if there is even an inkling of a criminal sexual conduct investigation.  A person needs to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights of the United States Constitution to remain silent and to counsel before making any statement to police authorities.  Please note, the police want to get you into the police station for a statement, before you hire counsel, so they will frequently ask you to come in “to get your side of the story” that day.  Do not go in!  Our constitutional rights were promulgated for our benefit and protection so you need to invoke them.  And no, it does not cause greater suspicion.  To the contrary, it shows wisdom.  This constitutional protection is for the innocent and guilty alike.  Your statement could be misunderstood or misconstrued.  Immediately contact Criminal Defense Lawyer Lynne Torgerson (612) 339-5073 for representation!

Lynne Torgerson was retained to intervene in a criminal sexual conduct investigation which originated out of Kanabec County.  A mother of a female and/or the female had accused a young man of sexual assault, which he denied.  The mother of the female would harass the young man’s family, threatening prosecution.  After a good amount of time had passed, Ms. Torgerson was retained for representation.  After Ms. Torgerson’s intervention, Kanabec County informed Ms. Torgerson that the Kanabec County Attorney’s Office had declined prosecution.  It was very kind for Kanabec County to issue such information, because it brings great peace of mind to the accused and his family, and this information is rarely released.

Well done Ms. Torgerson!

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