Mn Criminal Defense Attorney

Mn Criminal Defense Attorney

5 Important Factors To Consider When Hiring MN Criminal Defense Attorneys

1. Specialization

Criminal defense is a particularly complex area of law, so it is better to find an MN lawyer that practices criminal defense full time since he or she is likely to be significantly knowledgeable in the area. It is also important to find an attorney with years of experience handling issues similar to yours.

2. Courtroom Experience

Criminal cases are often resolved through plea agreements without having to go to trial. Considering that the threat of a trial is usually the only leverage available to the accused during plea negotiations, having an attorney with courtroom experience could result in a more favorable plea agreement. Attorneys with strong trial experience are always useful if your case is not resolved by a plea bargain and has to go to court.

3. Locality

If you want the best outcome for your case, it is important to hire an attorney that regularly practices in the area where you were arrested. If you were arrested in Minnesota, you need an attorney that practices there since he or she is likely to have a working relationship with local prosecutors and judges that will have a say in the fate of your case.

4. Reputation

Attorneys that have good reputations among fellow attorneys, judges, and their clients have earned that reputation because of having a high degree of professionalism and ethics and achieve favorable results for their clients regularly. You can check with reputable sources for reliable reviews of any attorney you are considering.

5. Price

Legal representation from a competent attorney costs more than representation from an incompetent attorney. However, the additional cost is usually worth it since you are likely to achieve better results if you hire a seasoned attorney. It is thus better to focus on ability than price alone when you are choosing an attorney during this time when you have so much at stake.

Final Thoughts

Having practiced law for over 26 years, MN criminal defense attorney Lynne Torgerson has developed a reputation and experience among peers and clients that only a handful of criminal defense attorneys have achieved. If you have been charged with a crime, Lynne will advise you on the way forward and work on your behalf for the best possible outcome.

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