Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney obtains warrant quashed and discharge from probation

Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins warrant quashed and discharge from probation

Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson got an eight (8) year old warrant quashed for a client who lived out of state, and also obtained his discharge from probation.  Ms. Torgerson accomplished this without having to have her client come back to Minnesota for court.

Initially, Ms. Torgerson’s client’s misdemeanor DWI charged was reduced to a misdemeanor careless driving.  Then, prior to completing his probationary requirements, he had to move to another state to attend college.  Because he had not completed his probation requirements, in 2011, a warrant was issued for his arrest.  While living in another state, around six (6) years later, he was convicted of DWI.  In connection with the DWI in another state, he served three (3) days in jail, completed a MADD Victim Impact class, and Ms. Torgerson had him complete an additional sixteen (16) hours of community service.  Ms. Torgerson worked out a resolution whereby his out of state three (3) days jail could be applied to the 2 days STS Minnesota required, have the MADD class apply to his Minnesota 1 Day Program requirement, and use the extra day of jail and 2 days community service apply to the Minnesota probation violation.  Consequently, he was deemed to have satisfied his Minnesota sentence, the warrant was quashed,  his Minnesota probation deemed conditions satisfied, and he was discharged from probation without having to return to Minnesota for court.  Well done Ms. Torgerson.

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