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Minneapolis Assault Defense AttorneyAssault charges in Minnesota

In Minnesota, an assault charge can be generally classified into one of five different levels:

  • First Degree Assault – Felony
  • Second Degree Assault – Felony
  • Third Degree Assault – Felony
  • Fourth Degree Assault – Gross misdemeanor
  • Fifth Degree Assault – Misdemeanor

In legal terms, an assault is defined as the intentional infliction of bodily harm upon another, the attempted infliction of bodily harm upon another, or intentionally causing fear in another of immediate bodily injury or death.

A first degree felony assault usually involves the infliction of great bodily harm, which colloquially means life threatening injuries.

A second degree felony assault usually means an assault with a dangerous weapon, which could include a firearm, knife, or a motor vehicle.

A third degree felony assault usually means the infliction of substantial bodily harm, which usually means a broken bone or a broken tooth.

A fourth degree assault usually involves an assault against a police officer, or a corrections officer, or one that involves bias.

A fifth (5th) degree misdemeanor assault usually involves some sort of bar fight, resulting in bruising.

In  summary, an assault with minor injuries and without the involvement of a weapon is usually a simple assault, or a 5th degree misdemeanor assault.  If a weapon is involved in an attack, or if the assault resulted in serious injury for the victim, then it is likely to be categorized as a felonious assault.

Misdemeanor domestic assault

It is worth noting that even a misdemeanor domestic assault can have very serious consequences.  For example, a misdemeanor domestic assault conviction may result in a lifetime ban on the possession of a firearm.  A conviction of a misdemeanor domestic assault under Minnesota law has a maximum penalty of up to 90 days in jail and  $1000.00 fine, with a three (3) ban on possession of firearms.  However, under federal law, this is categorized as a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, and causes a lifetime ban on the possession of firearms.  Thus, this could preclude hunting, as well as careers in the military and law enforcement.  Thus, it is very important to get a lawyer as soon as possible when charged with any type of assault.

WCCO features Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson in Jake Patterson Murder and Kidnapping Case

Criminal defense attorney Lynne Torgerson, who read the criminal complaint outlining the evidence that led to the charges against Patterson, is convinced the case will not go to trial.

“This is a very unique case and there is no defense. The facts are pretty horrific,” Torgerson said.

She has no affiliation with the case, but her experience leads her to believe Patterson and his team will enter a not guilty plea Wednesday despite the fact that the 21 year old admitted to police how he abducted Closs from her home.

Jake Patterson during a February court appearance (credit: CBS)

“There’s just a certain life to a case, and if the arraignment is extremely early, it would probably be irresponsible to allow your client to resolve it at that date, especially in a case this serious,” Torgerson said. “But ultimately it’s [Patterson’s] decision.”

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Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson obtains elimination of 2nd degree felony assault charge

Ms. Torgerson’s client was charged with felony 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon, a firearm.  It was alleged that the defendant had pointed a handgun at a neighbor, who called the police.  After lengthy proceedings, Ms. Torgerson obtained the elimination of the felony 2nd degree assault charge, whereby the case was reduced to a gross misdemeanor with a sentence of no jail time.  Well done Ms. Torgerson!

Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Lynne Torgerson obtains dismissal of domestic assault

Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson obtained a dismissal of a domestic assault.  Initially, Ms. Torgerson’s client was charged with domestic assault, out of the City of New Brighton, County of Ramsey, State of Minnesota.  The charge was eventually amended to a disorderly conduct, and, then ultimately the domestic assault and disorderly conduct charges were ultimately and entirely dismissed.  Well done Ms. Torgerson.

Assault Attorney Lynne Torgerson obtains dismissal of domestic assault, amendment to disorderly conduct with a stay of adjudication

Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson represented a client charged with 5th degree domestic assault out of the City of Minneapolis, County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota.  The domestic assault charge was dismissed, amended to a disorderly conduct, with a stay of adjudication, whereby the client is not convicted of anything, and, in 1 year, the case will be dismissed, presuming the client successfully completes probation.  There was also no DANCO and no no contact order.  Excellent result Ms. Torgerson!

Attorney Lynne Torgerson obtains 11th hour dismissal of felony aggravated robbery case

Criminal defense lawyer, Lynne Torgerson, Esq., recently won a dismissal of a felony aggravated robbery charge out of Hennepin County.  Her client was charged with aggravated robbery, which alleges the commission of a robbery using a firearm.  The potential sentence was 86 months in prison.  The case went through the arraignment, contested omnibus hearing, and the scheduling of a jury trial.  Witnesses had to be subpoenaed and they showed up at the trial.  Identity was an issue, and at the last minute, the complaining witness got wobbly.  Thus resulting in a dismissal!  A thank you also goes out to the prosecuting attorney for her integrity.  Good work Ms. Torgerson!

Assault lawyer Lynne Torgerson lawyer wins felony assault charge, gross misdemeanor harassment charge, and misdemeanor disorderly conduct

Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Torgerson’s client was charged with 3rd degree felony assault, gross misdemeanor harassment, and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. In a rare occurrence, the case went to a jury trial.  Ending in great success, her client was found not guilty of 3rd degree felony assault, the gross misdemeanor harassment count was dismissed. Excellent result for her client.  A felony assault conviction can be devastating to one’s life, career, and future.

Criminal defense lawyer Lynne Torgerson obtains dismissal of felony threats of violence charge in Ramsey County

Lynne Torgerson, Criminal Defense Attorney, obtained a dismissal of a felony threats of violence case in Ramsey County on behalf of her client.  It was alleged that her client stabbed her husband in his shoulder with a knife.  Just short of appearing for a jury trial, the State dismissed the charges in the interest of justice.

Terroristic threats lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins threats of violence case

Ms. Torgerson’s client, a young man 19 years old, was charged with felony terroristic threats (the name of this charge has more recently been changed to “threats of violence”), out of Hennepin County.  He was charged because he used a motor vehicle, rather nobly (although misguidedly), essentially to defend the honor of his mother.  Very fortunately, Ms. Torgerson was able to work out a resolution whereby the felony would be dismissed, and her client would only be convicted of misdemeanor reckless driving.  This helped protect her client’s record, keeping a felony off of his record, and thus protecting her client future and future employment opportunities.  Good work Ms. Torgerson!

Assault lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins dismissals of 5th degree assault and disorderly conduct

In a case out of the City of Plymouth, County of Hennepin, assault lawyer Lynne Torgerson obtains dismissals of both the fifth degree assault charge and the disorderly conduct charge against her client.  This resulted in all charges in the case being dismissed against her client.

Attorney Lynne Torgerson wins harassment restraining order case at the Minnesota Court of Appeal

Lynne Torgerson, Esq., Harassment Restraining Order Lawyer, has won another case at the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  She won another case, a harassment restraining order case, at the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  Attorney Lynne Torgerson has excellent legal research and writing skills, as well as appellate oral argument skills, as evidenced by her repeated wins at the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  At the trial court level, Ms. Torgerson’s client had obtained a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend.  The facts showed that she had harassed him at work and in the community.  The ex-girlfriend appealed.  On appeal, Ms. Torgerson’s client again prevailed.  Excellent result Lynne Torgerson!

Assault lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins stay of adjudication in domestic assault and 911 interference case

Ms. Torgerson’s client was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault out of Carver County, State of Minnesota, whereby client was facing up to 90 days in jail and life long loss of rights to possess firearms.  Ms. Torgerson successfully obtained an amendment to 911 interference, with a Stay of Adjudication and no executed jail time, whereby the case will be dismissed in one (1) year, with no conviction, and no loss of gun rights.  Excellent result!

Domestic assault Lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins elimination of domestic assault charge

Domestic Assault Attorney Lynne Torgerson has obtained an elimination of a domestic assault charge.  The charge of domestic assault, out of the City of Minneapolis, County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota, was amended to a disorderly conduct, with a stay of imposition of sentence, to be vacated and dismissed in one (1) year.  This means that presuming her client does not violate probation for one (1) year, the disorderly conduct conviction will be vacated, and the charge dismissed in one (1) year.  Thus, he will no longer have any conviction.  Additionally, the DANCO was dismissed.

Assault defense attorney Lynne Torgerson, Esq. obtains success in misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct case

Lynne Torgerson, Esq., Criminal Defense Lawyer, had great success in the following assault and disorderly conduct case.  Initially, her client was charged with assault and disorderly conduct.  It involved problems with security, or, the bouncer, at a bar.  In handling her client’s case, Ms. Torgerson, Esq. obtained a continuance for dismissal for all charges in the case.  This means there was no plea of guilty, no admission of wrongdoing, and no conviction.  This keeps a person’s record clean, as well as keeping them out of jail, and thus helps them with future employment and career opportunities.  Then, eventually, the case was dismissed.  This is so important for young adults.  Criminal convictions can cause employment problems for people throughout their lives.  Ms. Torgerson works to keep criminal convictions off of her clients’ records.  This is particularly important where a person is charged with misdemeanor assault, domestic assault, disorderly conduct, obstructing legal process, violation of an order for protection, violation of a harassment restraining order, interference with a 911 call, etc.  She understands the importance of protecting her clients’ future.  Excellent successful result for Ms. Torgerson’s client.

Later, after the case was dismissed, because there was no conviction in her client’s case, her client petitioned for expungement of her criminal records, such as the police reports, court records, etc., and, the expungement was granted.  This resulted in a complete victory for her client.  This means that there is nothing on her client’s record, thus protecting her client’s future employment opportunities and career.  Excellent work Ms. Torgerson!

Lynne Torgerson, Esq., a criminal defense lawyer, an assault lawyer,  with over 28 years experience, is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She practices successfully throughout the State of Minnesota.  Call Lynne Torgerson, Esq., a lawyer of excellence:  (612) 339-5073.

Definition of 3rd degree felony assault

Third degree felony assault is a charge where the facts usually involve a broken bone, or, what the statute defines as “substantial bodily harm.”

Harassment definition

Harassment is a charge where the facts allege repeated unwanted contact or unwelcome words.

Disorderly conduct definition and law

A disorderly conduct charge is a lower level misdemeanor. The statute talks about words and/or conduct that reasonably tend to arouse anger, alarm, or resentment in others.  A little known legal rule is that case law has held that “others” means that more than more other person must be involved, must be present.  That means that if you are arguing with someone, and there is no one else around, that there are only two (2) of you, as a matter of law, you cannot be convicted of disorderly conduct.

Minnesota Aggravated Assault Lawyer

An aggravated assault usually involves a deadly weapon such as a knife or a gun and is a graver crime. Even in the absence of a weapon, if the assault included a threat to kill, rob or rape, then it is considered as an aggravated assault. And, if you are being investigated, it is highly recommended that one does not get overwhelmed by the actions and efforts of the investigating officer by giving a statement. Rather, you need to invoke your rights to silence and to counsel. This can be simply and politely done by saying “I don’t want to talk, and, I want a lawyer.” Further, you should never consent to a search of you, or your, or your car. While you cannot do anything to stop a search in progress, you never need to give your consent. And, you should not do so. Overall, it is best to seek the services of a professional Minnesota aggravated assault attorney at the earliest, as a qualified and confident attorney can help you with the situation and explain the prosecution’s requirements to prove guilt.

Minnesota Domestic Assault Lawyer

Domestic assault cases involve a higher level of legal complexity and are often associated with extreme emotions and sentiments. If you have been charged with domestic violence, then it is essential that you hire the services of an experienced Minnesota domestic assault attorney, who can provide you with skilled representation and at the same time can understand painful emotions associated with the case. Ms. Torgerson has had great success in the area of domestic assault charges.

Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

A sexual assault charge is one of the most serious crimes one can be accused of during a lifetime. However, once charged with a sexual assault, it is not very easy to come clean out of the legal system and you need an experienced and knowledgeable Minnesota sexual attorney to defend you. Lynne Torgerson is known for strong, effective representation of her clients. It has been said that she leaves no stone unturned to ensure that all her client’s rights and interests are protected to the maximum. If you or any of your loved ones are going through the nightmare of an assault charge, contact the Law Office of Lynne Torgerson as soon as possible. An early consultation can make a huge difference to your case. DO NOT DELAY, CALL NOW!

Minnesota Assault Attorney & Defense Lawyer

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