Minnesota Expungement Lawyer & Attorney

Minnesota Expungement Lawyer & Attorney

Expungement law update, great news!

There is good news for people who want to obtain expungements.  There is a new “Second Chance” law.  As of January 1, there is a new expungement law.  Petitioners can now get get both judicial and executive branch records expunged even if they were convicted of an offense.  For a number of years, people were barred from obtaining an expungement if there was a conviction in their case.  Now however, under the new expungement statutes, a person with a conviction may obtain an expungement.  This includes expungements following convictions for petty misdemeanors, misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and a specific list of felonies.  The new law has waiting periods for when a person can seek an expungement, depending on the severity of the offense.  Also, after discharge from probation, to be eligible for an expungement, a person needs to remain law abiding.  That means you cannot get another criminal conviction.  Again, to obtain an expungement of a conviction, you need to remain crime free, after you have been convicted, and after you have been discharged from probation. You must also file your petition for expungement in the county of conviction to seek the expungement. If you have a conviction in more than one county, you are required to file your request for expungement in each county in which you have a conviction you wish to have expunged. This is a new wonderful “second chance” law benefiting you. Ms. Torgerson would love to help you obtain an expungement. Expungements help in obtaining employment and housing. Ms. Torgerson has extensive experience obtaining expungements and she can help you on your case.

Ms. Torgerson has obtained expungements of judicial and executive records, of misdemeanors and felonies, theft convictions, drug charges, assault cases, aggravated robbery, homicide, adult and juvenile cases, etc., for her clients.  Call Lynne Torgerson, Esq., expungement lawyer, a lawyer of excellence!  (612) 339-5073!

Minnesota Expungement Lawyer Lynne Torgerson, Esq. wins expungement of 1st degree murder indictment

Expungement Lawyer Lynne Torgerson, wins expungement of 1st degree murder indictment, after a very long drawn out battle. Ms. Torgerson’s client, out of Dakota County, was charged via indictment with 1st degree murder. Ultimately, the indictment was dismissed. Said client later sought expungement of the 1st degree murder case. The State opposed, and the trial court denied the expungement. Ms. Torgerson, on behalf of her client, took an appeal to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. The Minnesota Court of Appeals concluded that the trial court failed to properly consider Ms. Torgerson’s client’s request, because the case had been resolved in her favor, and reversed and remanded the case to the trial court. The Minnesota Court of Appeals also noted that the trial court failed to properly apply the presumption in favor of expungement to Ms. Torgerson’s client’s request for expungement.  Upon remand to the trial court, Ms. Torgerson’s request for expungement of her murder charge was granted. Good work Ms. Torgerson!

Minnesota Expungement Attorney Lynne Torgerson wins expungement of 2nd degree DWI in Washington County

Expungement Attorney Lynne Torgerson has won an expungement of a 2nd degree DWI.  In Minnesota, the term DWI is the same thing as DUI.  The case was out of the County of Washington, State of Minnesota.  The date of offense was from 2003.  Ms. Torgerson’s client had remaining law abiding for approximately fifteen (15) years, and, needed expungement of various cases for employment advancement.  The court, The Honorable Richard C. Ilkka presiding, granted her client’s request.

Lynne Torgerson, Minneapolis Expungement Lawyer, wins expungement of domestic assault case in Benton County, State of Minnesota

Expungement Lawyer, Lynne Torgerson, has won expungement of another misdemeanor domestic assault case, this time out of the County of Benton, State of Minnesota.  The new Second Chance Law is working.  This case was approximately fifteen (15) years old, and no longer enhanceable.  The Petitioner is now about 37 years old, and the case originally occurred when the defendant was approximately 22 years old.  He is now a law abiding, mature, responsible citizen deserving a second chance.  Good work Ms. Torgerson.

Lynne Torgerson, Expungement Lawyer, wins expungement of domestic assault case

Lynne Torgerson, Expungement Attorney, won an expungement of a misdemeanor domestic assault, a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, that originated out of the City of Farmington, County of Dakota, State of Minnesota.   Good work Lynne Torgerson!

Expungement Attorney Lynne Torgerson wins expungement of theft case out of the City of Minnetonka

Expungement Lawyer Lynne Torgerson has won another expungement case.  This case involved a theft of a telephone from an employer who was a telephone company.  It occurred in the late 1990s and it was continued for dismissal.  Where a case is continued for dismissal and a person successfully completes same, later, if said person seeks an expungement, the law provides that he/she is presumptively entitled to an expungement, unless the State can prove by clear and convincing evidence that the State needs the records.  So, where the original case was resolved in a defendant’s favor, it is much easier to obtain an expungement, because, under the law, the expungement should be granted unless the State can prove a need for the records.  That is unlikely.  Herein, the petition for expungement was fortunately, granted.  Well done Ms. Torgerson and client!

Lynne Torgerson, Esq., Expungement Lawyer, wins expungement for recent college graduate

Lynne Torgerson, Esq. just won another expungement case.  This case was out of Hennepin County.  Her client is a recent college graduate.  Her client had had some indiscretions during her college days, resulting in a couple of misdemeanor convictions.  Ms. Torgerson’s client had since ceased such behavior, had graduated from college, been involved in extensive volunteer activities, and was beginning her career.  The Court awarded her an expungement.  Good work Ms. Torgerson!

Lynne Torgerson, Esq. wins another expungement for employment purposes

Expungement Lawyer Lynne Torgerson, Esq. wins another expungement in Hennepin County in the same week.  In this case, Ms. Torgerson’s client had a couple of convictions about eight (8) years old, with one prior expungement of a third case involving no conviction.  Previously, she had been denied expungement on two prior requests, represented by a different lawyer.  This time, making the third time the charm, with Ms. Torgerson’s representation, her two (2) requests for expungements were GRANTED  Ms. Torgerson’s client had remained law abiding during the intervening 8 years, had maintained her employment, had maintained her residence, had obtained some counseling, and because of a corporate takeover, was about to lose her long term employment, whereby she would be moving anD seeking new employment in a smaller city.  The Court awarded the expungement.  Congratulations to Ms. Torgerson and her client!

Minnesota Expungement Lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins expungement of 3rd degree felony assault in Washington County

Expungement Attorney Lynne Torgerson won expungement of a 3rd degree assault conviction out of Washington County.  Ms. Torgerson’s client was originally charged with felony 3rd degree assault and 5th degree misdemeanor assault for punching a man who had used vulgar language with his mother in a restaurant.  Interestingly, the trial court in the original proceedings sentenced it as a misdemeanor, with 90 days imposed and 1 year probation.  Having made this a misdemeanor, under the new expungement statutes from 2015, her client was eligible for an expungement, and, the Court granted his request.  Well done Ms. Torgerson and client!

Minnesota Expungement Lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins expungement of aggravated robbery.  Surprisingly, a heartwarming case.

Ms. Torgerson represented G.S. in an expungement.  At the time, G.S. was approximately 80 years old.  Early in life, he had been convicted of an aggravated robbery.  After, he led a law abiding, and exemplary, life.  He married and remained married for decades.  He had been employed for decades with a car dealership, and did all sorts of jobs for it.  He performed janitorial work.  He transported customers in a van.  He did whatever was asked of him, and was grateful for his job.  He paid off the mortgage on his home.  Indeed, how many people have you ever known who have actually paid off their mortgage.  All of his life he wanted to get this conviction off of his record.  He wanted to be free of the shame of it.  Then, came the hearing day.  A long time experienced judge of Ramsey County District Court presided.  Ms. Torgerson made argument on behalf of Mr. G.S., and told the wonderful story of Mr. G.S.’s life.  Then, the judge announced that she was going to grant Mr. G.S.’s expungement.  With all due respect, at that time, the law really did not permit the court to grant Mr. G.S. an expungement.  However, mercy won out.  Mr. G.S. quietly shed tears of joy and relief after he heard the judge’s decision.  Mr. G.S. was extremely grateful and finally felt free of his earlier conviction.  The Second Chance Law of expungements really worked in this case.  This is how justice is supposed to be administered; when necessary, grant mercy, and not according to the letter of law.  Courts do need to grant extraordinary mercy, in equity, when the facts call for it.  Thank goodness the judge had the backbone to do the right thing.  Not long after however, Mr. G.S. discovered he had cancer, and sadly, passed.  At least however, he went free of his very old case.  God bless G.S.  May he rest in peace.

Leaving scene of accident conviction expungement

Expungement attorney Lynne Torgerson won an expungement of a hit and run case, also called leaving the scene of an accident.  This case was out of the City of Linwood, County of Anoka, State of Minnesota.  The case was from 1992.  The Anoka County Attorney’s Office did not oppose the expungement.  Ms. Torgerson and her client simply walked in the courtroom, the case was called, the County Attorney did not oppose, and the judge granted the expungement.  Quick and easy wins are always fun!

Expungement Lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins expungement of theft, trespassing, and minor consumption charges

Lynne Torgerson, Esq., Expungement Attorney, won an expungement case out of the City of Minnetonka, County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota.  Her client’s charges were originally minor consumption, theft, and trespassing.  Her client was convicted of minor consumption; the trespassing and theft charges were continued for dismissal.  The latter charges were dismissed in 2002.  Her client had subsequently served in the military, deployed overseas, and gotten married.  Fortunately, the court granted Ms. Torgerson’s client’s request for expungement.

Lynne Torgerson wins expungement of domestic assault out of Eden Prairie, Hennepin County, State of Minnesota

Expungement Attorney Lynne Torgerson won another petition to expunge a domestic assault conviction.  Her client was convicted of domestic assault in 1999.  It was out of the City of Eden Prairie, County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota.  Since that time, her client had remained married, solidified his career, and had no new convictions.  He also needed an expungement for significant employment revenue.  Congratulations to Ms. Torgerson and her client!

Minnesota Expungement Lawyer Lynne Torgerson wins expungement of domestic assault/disorderly conduct case in Ramsey County, Minnesota

Lynne Torgerson wins expungement of domestic assault and disorderly conduct case out of Ramsey County, State of Minnesota.  Originally, the case was charged out as a domestic assault.  During the initial criminal case, the charge was amended to a disorderly conduct.  Ms. Torgerson represented the client on the petition for expungement of the disorderly conduct conviction.  The Court, Judge Guthmann presiding, granted same.  Congratulations to Ms. Torgerson and her client!

Records need to be expunged even where a person’s case is dismissed, continued for dismissal, or results in a not guilty

Contrary to popular belief, even a “not guilty,” outcome in a criminal case has the potential to negatively affect your future in a very significant way.  Getting accused of a criminal offense often leads to a criminal records or police reports which hinder the process of gaining employment, renting an apartment or property, and many such similar affairs.

A criminal expungement is the process of sealing these records from showing up in a background check or public records search and similar additional searches.  If you want to lead a normal life fater a criminal court case, it is highly recommended that you have a Minnesota expungement lawyer on your side.  Lynne Torgerson is a Minnesota expungement lawyer of repute who has painstakingly worked to ensure that her expungement clients are successful.

Ms. Torgerson has long been working in the area of expungements. It is one of her favorite areas.  Mr. Torgerson has diligently and extensively done research in this area of law. Her painstaking work has greatly benefited her clients. Ms. Torgerson has been so dedicated to the area of expungements that she has lobbied the Minnesota legislature for changes to the expungement laws, has drafted proposed legislation, and has successfully litigated cases in the trial courts and Minnesota Court of Appeals. It is an area in which she can be considered very knowledgeable and expert.

She also handles her criminal cases with an eye towards expungement. Ms. Torgerson often gets clients who have no prior criminal record. Thus, the need to protect their clean criminal record, and, future, and future employment possibilities, is great. Thus, she often seeks to resolve her clients cases with no criminal conviction, no guilty plea, and no admission of wrongdoing. Where such outcomes are obtained, then a person is presumptively entitled to an expungement. In such circumstances, a person can get all of his/her records expunged, the judicial and executive.

Expungement of Past Criminal Convictions

In criminal cases where a guilty plea was not entered during the pre-trial proceedings, there is very high probability of the individual qualifying for an expungement.  However, today, even a convicted individual has the option of applying for an expungement.  However, under the new expungements statutes, it is important that the petitioner not have any more offenses for a significant amount of time after the conviction. In such a scenario, the convicted individual usually needs to show rehabilitation and provide support or proof that the expungement would not lead to a threat to public safety. In addition to that, the convicted individual usually needs to show also that the criminal record is impeding crucial aspects of his life.

Generally speaking, there are three (3) types of expungement. One is complete, for example, where the fingerprints, etc. and records are all destroyed. This is usually where there was no probable cause to support the charge found. The next is sealing judicial and executive branch records, where the case was resolved in a defendant’s favor, with no plea or conviction. In this situation, the records are sealed, and employers, for example, cannot find them.  The third type of expungement may be obtained following a conviction.

An expungement can seal the criminal records from showing up on criminal background checks.  However, where sealing occurs, government officials such as immigration authorities and police usually can still get access to sealed criminal records in the instance of a just cause. It would not be wrong to say that expungement is allowed to individuals who show promise of leading their lives within the legal guidelines drawn by the government.

Can a person receive an expungement of a felony conviction when they received a stay of imposition of sentence and it is subsequently deemed a misdemeanor as a matter of law?

In an expungement appeal in March 2017, the Minnesota Supreme Court, in a sharply divided opinion of 4-3, held that under the new “second chance” law, there is no expungement eligibility for defendants who received a stay of imposition of sentence on a felony, successfully complete probation, and upon discharge from probation, their conviction is deemed a misdemeanor as a matter of law.  State v. S.A.M. (Minn. 2017).

Commentary:  this is a very disappointing decision.  Defendants need to be able to expunge felony convictions that have been reduced to a misdemeanor.  This may be the most important type of case needed to be expunged.  Society wants people to turn away from their wrongful criminal conduct, become law abiding, and become contributing members of society. And, when citizens do so, they should be rewarded for it.  Further, these types of convictions are probably the most harmful to employment and economic growth.  And, people should receive the benefit of what they were told they were getting:  a misdemeanor.

The failure to recognize this convictions as eligible for expungement give rise to the very important questions:  exactly what is the benefit of a stay of imposition of sentence on a felony conviction, where upon successful discharge from probation, the conviction is deemed a misdemeanor as a matter of law?  For purposes of gun rights, it remains a felony.  And now, for purposes of expungement, it remains a felony.

It is requested that the legislature quickly act to amend and make it clear that if a person receives a stay of imposition of sentence, and is successfully discharged from probation, and the conviction is deemed a misdemeanor as a matter of law, that the defendant can later get said conviction expunged.  This is a needed and important amendment to the expungement statutes.

Minnesota Expungement Attorney

More often than not, the expungement process can be very complicated and painstaking, in order to get it done correctly. Only through professional help and assistance can one ensure that the case is properly presented and heard completely and the paper work is filed correctly and without any obstacles. If required, a expungement attorney can also help you in gathering evidence which is essential for the sealing of your criminal record.

In an expungement case, retaining a compassionate and experienced expungement attorney such as Lynne Torgerson can turn the tide in your favour. With over twenty eight (28) years of experience, she is certainly one of the best Minnesota expungement attorneys in the nation.

Lynne Torgerson is known among her clients for her compassion, and excellent results. If you are exploring your options for expungement, it is highly recommended that you request for a consultation with Lynne Torgerson as soon as possible.

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