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American laws for America:  Business and employment defense lawyer Lynne Torgerson, Esq.

Anti-sharia law lawyer Lynne Torgerson, Esq. has been practicing law for over 29 years.  Ms. Torgerson represents businesses, companies, employers, aiding them in keeping Sharia Law out of American businesses.  Too many Islamist Muslims are seeking to impose Islamic Sharia Law into American businesses, cities, schools, airlines, etc.  This must be stopped.  Anti-sharia law attorney Lynne Torgerson, Esq. wants to help American businesses, cities, schools, airlines, etc. to oppose this wrongful imposition of Islamic Sharia Law into America.  If in the United States of America, American laws apply and must be followed.  There is a process to make law in the United States:  it goes through out Senates, and Congress, and Governors, and Presidents.  Any law not duly enacted is null and void and is not to be applied in the United States or any State thereof.  Further, if something is legal here, then Islamist Muslims need to follow American laws.  Foreign nationals do not get to come to America and force Islamic Sharia law upon Americans.

The U. S. Constitution places limits on governmental actors, not employers or employees

The 1st Amendment, freedom of religion, imposes limitations on our government and prohibits our government actors from violating our constitutional rights.  It does not allow foreign nationals to come to America and then force Islamic Sharia Law upon employers, businesses, schools, cities, etc.  Employers need to understand this and be protected from this wrongful infringement on employer rights and their ability to run their companies, and employees, as they see fit.  Employers do not have to allow workers to have prayer rooms. nor time off to pray, or the like.

Ms. Torgerson has always loved the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights.  She has been working in the area of constitutional law for over 29 years.  Anti-Sharia law lawyer Lynne Torgerson, Esq. sees that Islamic Sharia Law conflicts with our U.S. Constitution.  In Islamic Sharia Law, there is no freedom of religion.  In Islamic Sharia Law, there is no freedom of speech.  Under Islamic Sharia Law, there is no equal protection of the law for women.  Islamic Sharia Law also violates our rights against cruel and unusual punishments.

Lynne Torgerson lawyer handles personal injury lawsuits against Islamists for wrongful threats and criminal behavior

Ms. Torgerson also wants to help women and men who have been subjected to wrongful threats of rape, assault, or threats, and the like, by Islamist Muslims.  Islamists do not get to come to America and threaten Americans with threats of harm, assault, terroristic threats, rape, or any criminal behavior.  And, if they do so, they need to be punished for doing so, by the imposition of monetary and punitive damages against them, by  American juries.  Further, if it is discovered that mosques have taught these wrongful behaviors, they need to be sued as well.  Further, the more radicalized Islamist community needs to be sent a message that they need to teach their community to not engage in such wrongful behavior.

Please feel free to call anti-Sharia law attorney Lynne Torgerson, Esq. at (612) 339-5073 for help with these and related issues.  She wants to help you.

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